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Qty Description Price Total
  Skinny T-jet, black (pair) $1.00  
  Tuff-ones, black (pair) $2.50  
  Hop-up "washer" slicks, black (pair) $2.00  
  AFX Front tires, black (pair) $1.00  
  ThunderOil - Red Racing Oil $4.00  
  0-80 Jam nuts for threaded axles, 2 pair $1.00  
  Aurora/Atlas Terminal Track screws (four) $1.00  
  Repro boot for Aurora Mustang Conv. $1.00  
Shipping $1.00
Payment method: (check one)
  Money order
  Check, payable to "Tom Nagler"
  Trade (by prior arrangement)
All orders shipped USPS First Class. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Please email me for availability on all orders, if possible.
Prices subject to change without notice. Quantity pricing available on request.
Got any cars or parts to trade? Send email. I'll trade you for tires. 
Modified June 26, 2009