Attention Thunderslicks Fans - Thunderslicks are back! The tire line has been drastically scaled back, but the always reliable Thunderslick tire is available in any quantity you need! Tuff-Ones too!

Feel free to email with any questions you might have concerning Thunderslick Tires!

Click here for the printable "Order Form."


Be sure to visit the "Thunderslicks Gallery". Great pictures sent in by fellow slotheads!

Looking for an interesting four lane track layout? Click here for a look at the Aurora Clubman layout. - The new home for the original "HODL", Andy Meyer's ho-slotcars mailing list.
HO Slot Car Racing This is an incredible site, featuring a tremendous amount of information and tips. Many of your slot car questions can be answered here.
Ed Penland's Slot Car Page For great HO slot car pics of all kinds, plus feature pages, and awesome links, this page is a great start.
..and here is Ed's "Hall of Fame/Shame/Flame"..
NJ Nostalgia Hobby A real "blast from the past". Contact Joe Corea, if he doesn't have it, you don't need it!
Umpfi's Slotbox.Excellent site with some fantastic deals on German Bauer slotcar releases.
Nu-Rora slotcars.Specialized slotcars that you won't find anywhere else!
Thunderhills Raceway This is a picture loaded site featuring T-Jets posted by Doug Moore. You can take a virtual pilgrimage the old Aurora Factory at 44 Cherry Valley Ave, in Long Island!
Bad Link! Joe's Hobbies A great site put together by Joe Murray. Ton's of tip's, service parts, and race/show shedules.
Steve Selby's Aurora AFX Collecting Universe! Excellent photos!
Victor Churchill's Aurora HO Slot Cars. Great site packed with tons of useful info and links!
Mike Vitale's M.E.V. Originals.. Simply awesome resin bodies ready to run on tjet chassis. You will find some very unique body styles here! '58 Edsel? '62 Catalina? Mike has them!
Thunder Oil! Remember that great red oil smell? Here is Steve Street's Thunder Oil, a direct replacement for the old Aurora "Special Racing Oil".
Thunder Boyz! Check out the ThunderBoyz line of products, great stuff! You MUST see the "ThunderTracks" link, awesome commercial grade routed track at very reasonable prices.
Erik Ruud Check out Erik Ruud's Maelstrom Motor Speedway! Lot's of pictures of past slot racing events.
Nitro Northern Illinois ThunderJet Racing Organization.

Terry Trimble Check out Terry Trimble's Vulcan Speedway, located in the town of Encinitas California on Vulcan Ave. Very neat custom track.
H.O.D.R.A. H.O Drag Racing at it's finest!
Model Motoring, Inc.  Brand new cars, parts, and accessories.  You MUST see this site!
H.O. SlotWorld The H.O. Slotcar Collector's Website!
H.O.Motoring and Racing!  Are you an Atlas HO Racing Fan?  You gotta go here!
Road Race Replica's.  Always wanted a Mach 1, but don't want to spend $150?  Stop by Phil's site.
Bauer Modellautobahen.  See how they do it in Germany!

Not really related to slots...but "must see" websites..

WLS AM 890 Talk Radio  A historical Chicago Radio Station, the format is now largely talk, but it's a great station to listen to. Most of the shows have live internet feeds, so fans can listen anywhere in the world! There is an enormous amount of information provided here, plus links to local Chicago information. 

BJ and the Dirty Dragon (Gigglesnort Hotel)  A link to an all time classic kid's cartoon show.  Was HUGE here in Chicago in the 70's!  Great to have you back Bill!

The USS Silversides SS236 Submarine This is a link to a great piece of history, the USS Silversides submarine Museum. (I used to work on the boat when it was a museum in Chicago and it was one of the best experiences of my life.) If you visit the sub, you can see, touch, and smell a real WW II United States Submarine! This boat was one of our top ranking subs during the war. It spent the majority of it's post-war life here in Chicago, unfortunately leaving Chicago for Muskegon MI several years ago. If you should be in the Muskegon area it's worth the time to go visit the Silversides. If you are familair with the sub, I'd love to hear from you, please drop me a line!

Church of the Swimming Elephant.  OK, a wacky name, but great service. A site for computer professionals offering secure email, limited web hosting, and other great tools. I highly recommend them!

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A little Humor.


Here is a picture I took as a kid, sometime around 1975 or so.  It was in a gas station window in Oregon...  Little did I know what the future was to hold for us!

A closer view..

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